July 23

It’s Here!

It is here indeed. hanilol.com is released and this is where I will do most of my updates. Yes I will be here to update and edit my already posted content but there is a new design and I have transferred servers because of the limitations of wordpress.com. This new established website will take over the new posts. Please join me and subscribe by email or join the network and post relative content to forums or even ask questions. I am looking forward to the outline of hanilol.com and its new look as well as the new people and inspiration which has driven this to happen. Thank you all for your continued support. For all the new comers: Welcome and Hani… don’t forget to live, laugh, and love out loud! :) Peace be.

Please do not forget to place your email in the subscription widget and confirm your email! You are all awesome and are a big part of my drive to wellness and success.  Although having an issue with the sharing feature on the website now, there is a fix in progress. Until then please feel free to share your thoughts through comments or liking through the WordPress like option. Looking forward to the growth of this new project. When registration is available I hope to see others and encourage you to post to the forums and profiles. Thanks again, You Rock!

I am developing a new design for this new chapter. This website will still be available at hanilol.wordpress.com if you like the outline and you find it easy to read but will no longer be updated with new posts. I will continue editing where I see fit. You can follow me on wordpress or subscribe to updates if you would like. I will have a link tracked back to this website as well at the transferred domain so followers and regular visitors can easily find their way back to original design. To try something different, I will be transferring the domain to a wordpress.org and self hosting server for the purpose of more options. I hope you will take part in the new implementations and look forward to changes that will be made. It would be nice to have a discussion board or forum if not a social network like group built for anonymous support. Until I design and realease the forum I will have a contact form for your ideas, concerns, and questions. Turn the page of hanilol with me, I hope to see you there. Not sure how it is going to work but I am intrigued for the release date and will be making further announcements. Thank you for your continued support~Hanilol

August 26

Royal Ameri-Ken’s & Barbi-heirian’s

      Just because snooty big-headed ego’s have money and high-end governmental positions or  famous reputation does not make them royal and most definitely does not make them honorable. These same people have set standards that are unreachable to the families with no money or simply no genes to get them the recognition. In addition, most of the overrated praise sucking money-grubbing material coveting American’s wouldn’t give you, who waste your time cheering them on, the time of day. Tell me something good and tell the truth for crying out loud. Give credit where credit is due, the people deserve it. I am not saying that you are worthless because I know you deserve the credit enough to be where you are at, but I find it ridiculous that most of the attention comes from people who only like you because someone else does not because they know you or even because you are interesting as a person. Bad idea’s are a dime a dozen, one good idea is worth eon’s; But still, good idea’s are often twisted so tight that we get excess garbage once again. Have you ever wondered how much the people who wash their feet, powder their nose and shine their shoes make? What about how much their house keeper or secretary grosses?

It would not kill you to read on. It would not even hurt to take my opinion’s with grace and honor of the people of America that you actually do adore. So please for peace of mind continue, because your conscious will not let you rest otherwise. Peace Friends.

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May 29

Positively Lively

“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.” — John Lennon

“Even when our eyes are closed, there’s a whole world that exists outside ourselves and our dreams.”Hiromu Arakawa

This is all free knowledge. Do you think you can handle and believe the truth of the world? Continue reading

May 26

Corrupt Govern-mental Crooks

“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.”
— Kurt Cobain

How many times are we going to let the governmental officials “fool” us?

“To declare that in the administration of criminal law “the end justifies the means” is to declare that the Government may commit crimes in order to secure conviction of a private criminal . This would bring terrible retribution.” Louis D. Brandeis

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